Apr 25, 2011

Twofer June

After digesting what was said regarding some of our recent book selections I will forgo from forcing you to read my uncle's book but rather persuade you to read 2 books (1 being my uncles) the others are award winning authors/books that are under 150 pgs. Therefore the combined number of pages for both books would be under the 500 page rule. We would also meet on the last Tues of June and that would be the 28th.

So here are my selections:

1. Condemned to Freedom by John DeFrank (330 pgs.)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thorton Wilder (107 pgs)

2. Condemned to Freedom by John DeFrank (330 pgs)
The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing (144 pgs.)

3. Condemned to Freedom by John DeFrank (330 pgs.)
The Comfort of Strangers by Ian McEwan (128 pgs.)


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  3. OK, I think Dan needs to come clean. He's tempting us with short classics, but he's coyly dangling his uncle's self-published novel as part of the deal. I smell a rat. Is he shilling for his uncle so he can unload a few books? Is the novel actually a gem of a book, in which case why doesn't Dan tell us he's read it and recommends it wholeheartedly? Or is Dan simply pushing an author whose presence he can command at our next meeting? If so, will Uncle DeFrank appear by phone and listen to our kvetching if we don't like his writing? Skeptics want to know what's driving this special request. Dan, don't hesitate to show your cards on this one....

  4. I have read the book and feel it is worth reading. Due to conflicting interest he will not be able to attend the meeting in person but if anyone would like to meet him in person he will be visiting in July. A phone appearance would be nice but considering he lives PA it might be a tad late for the ol'boy. I think he would appreciate an unbiased opinion/review from an eclectic group such as ours. The book falls into all categories for the exception of a literary awards. Honestly, is it a "gem" probably not and yes, I am dangling short classics to sell my pitch. If MBC members feel adamantly against my selection I do have a 4th option that I will divulge ONLY if my first 3 suggestions are rejected. It is a 480 pg classic by an award winning author. (I deleted my last post due to some members tend to overreact to my petty tantrums which are all in jest.)

  5. Tell Uncle DeFrank to stay up and join us by phone. If he wants our critical feedback, maybe he will be happy to stay awake for it. And how about some comp copies for the tightwads in our group (hello Stan)?

  6. This group OVERREACT!!! How could you say such a thing? I believe it is more that we are such a diverse group that our individual comments create intelligent banter back and forth.