The Top 10

Below are our top ten titles, with the proponent of each book listed. Click a title for our post about the book.

1.   Nobody's Fool, Russo (8.8)--Doug
2.   Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff..., Moore (8.7)--Dan
3.   In Cold Blood, Capote (8.4)--Roy
3.   Heart of Darkness, Conrad (8.4)--Glenn
3.   Close Range: Wyoming Stories, Proulx (8.4)--Tom
3.   Butcher's Crossing, Williams (8.4)--Jack
7.   Blindness, Saramago (8.3)--Stan
7.   Sweet Promised Land, Laxalt (8.3)--Armando
9.  The Sympathizer,  Nguyen (8.2)--Doug
10.   The Cat's Table, Ondaatje (8.1)--Roy