Jun 14, 2009

End of Year Plaudits and Next Week’s Feast

As we call an end to another school year, I just have to indulge in a shameless display of paternal pride. My oldest daughter, Lucy, was just recognized by the Marin I.J. as its female track and field athlete of the year. Although it was Lucy’s mother who was the competitive runner, I will happily take credit for her success. Join me as I re-read all about it at: http://www.marinij.com/marinnews/ci_12586914?IADID=Search-www.marinij.com-www.marinij.com

Everyone’s invited to share their press clippings, but until you do here are a few, more casual acknowledgments: Roy’s son, David, continues his unbeaten ways in the Marin Swim League in the 13-14 50 Fly and 50 Free; Tom A’s daughter, Simone, was given the top musical award at the DMS spring concert by Dana Trillo, who commented that her recent performance at Great America “brought tears to my eyes”; and John’s daughter, Ali, moves into the summer club season as the best rising sophomore water polo player in Marin (and beyond).

Next week, Garth will host our dinner. Given the variety of meals (both real and fantasized) described in Miller’s Tropic of Cancer, he has much to choose from. George has already put in a request for champagne and caviar (featured about 80 pages from the end, Garth). Let’s see if Garth—just back from a conference in the Greek Islands—can use food to soothe whatever discord his book selection might have generated….


  1. Congrats on Lucy's season and honors! She's really run some excellent soph times and it sounds like she's still enjoying it all.

    In addition to my cross country coaching, next spring I'll be the Wheaton North boys track distance coach. It's been about twelve years since I've coached track but the opportunity arose and since my home responsibilities are decreasing with Mal off to college in August I felt it was a good time to return.

    I hope everyone's enjoying their trip through Henry Miller. It provided a solid discussion for the Great Apes years ago, but I can't remember if any of us found it fun to read . . .tons of stream of consciousness, eh?

    I agree too that there are many meals/themes available to tempt nearly anyone's palate. Have fun next Tuesday and I look forward to the blog report.

    I will be at the Apes July Coal Black Horse meeting, so I can post some meeting/discussion notes afterwards.

    Carry on MBC!

  2. Andrew, Thanks for the update on Lucy. Every once in a while I see her running near MA. All the boys are behind her .... a long way behind her.

    BTW, Ali set the MC girls pushup record. She beat the old record by 37. She did 113 pushups. I am getting kinda scared of making her mad.....

  3. John, with Lucy's endurance and Ali's strength, I think we should enter them in a girls v. boys contest. We could make big money!

    Jeff, congrats on your new distance track coaching duties. Wheaton North can only benefit from your X-C Hall of Fame perspective. After your Great Apes meeting in Colorado, keep driving west and we'll let you give your book review in person.

  4. I would just like to point out that last year's winner of the Band award at DMS was none other than Casey, daughter of the other "Tom" in our book group, Tom J. Clearly we need to find another Tom to join our group, one who has a musical son / daughter going into 8th grade next year, so that we retain the title.

    Congrats to all the amazing athletic sons and daughters; alas, such talents are not present in our family.....

  5. We can keep the Casey/Simone award-winning legacy alive by making a large cash contribution to the DMS music program with a note saying there's more where that came from if either Garth's (Avery) or my (Nina) upcoming 8th grader gets the top music award next year!
    As for athleticism in your family, Tom, the double Ivy League pedigree is a built-in disadvantage.