Feb 25, 2009

Just a Placeholder....

After an evening spent desperately trying to live up to such modest expectations for my cooking, I'm now too tired to summarize the highs and lows of our meeting. Indeed, I'm not sure I remember much after Dan showed up with a bottle of "Sawtelle Red" under his arm.

I will post something in short order, but I would be remiss if I failed to note that our rating for The Story of Edgar Sawtelle set a new MBC record. With an 8.5, Sawtelle nudged Blindness out of first place and is now top dog (sorry!) in our stable (sorry again!) of read titles.

More later....


  1. I have a copy of The Power of the Dog that I'm willing to share to the first MBC member who asks (and provides a mailing address!). . .good pick. The Great Apes still revisit Savage's memorable read from time to time and I'm sure it was mentioned in conjunction with our Edgar Sawtelle discussion.

    Carry on . . .and enjoy another big glass of Sawtelle Red! Love it . . .

  2. Thanks, Jeff. I just ordered mine from Amazon, but there may be other guys who have trouble finding this scarce title. Guys?

  3. Dean called dibs and I'll mail my copy of the Savage book to him tomorrow after school. Anyone else wanting to borrow it will have to deal with him! Enjoy!