Jul 22, 2011

No Breakfast for these Champions!!!!

What the host thought would be an extensive
crowd became a much more manageable
gang of meat-eaters hunkering around the table.

and it looked something like this:

Prior to the elegant meal prepared by our
gracious host, a majority of us congregated in
the man cave for a few libations.

That looked something like this: After a few drinks we retired into the dining room
garnished with hand made place mats. from Dean

They looked something like this:
Here we filled our glasses with fine wine and ate
bountiful of exquisite cuisine consisting of:
(cooked to perfection I might add!!!)

Cedar Plank Salmon
Ginger Flank Steak
Wasabi Mashed Potatoes
Asian salad

That looked something like this:

Without the commander in chief attending
(2nd time in a row for this host, I might add)
we debated whether we should commit mutiny
and enjoy one another's company or abide by
the rules and discuss that book in hand.

Then something like this happened......

"Andrew checking in........."

MBC RSVP Rule 7-14a

Attending by phone only gives you 1/2 credit
and a 2 shot penalty

(That's 2 shots of whatever the next host is pouring)

MBC RSVP Rule 7-14b

RSVP and a no show
O credit and a 4 shot penalty

And on that note we began our discussion
that started out something like this..........

Holds true to now/liked how he brought himself into the book
Over thinking
God figure/ controlling
Liked it but didn't love it
Fun read, sarcastic read, enjoyed the drawings
Drawings touched on all aspects of life
Self indulgent author
Play on free will, just can't wrap my head around it now

Meticulous notes looked like this;
All in all the book had mixed reviews which showed in
its ratings. Even though Stan the MAN gave it a 10
followed by a 9 and a couple of 8s, Breakfast of Champions
couldn't break the 7 barrier. It came in with a respectable

Final note: Everyone who attended read the book in full.

A FIRST in MBC history


Next up the R. L. Stevenson's classic


That looks something like this..........

.....well not really but that's the best I could do.

YO! HO! YO HO! A pirates life for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See y'all on Tom's ship Aug 23 and be prepared to
drink RUM!!!!!


The Terminator said...

Good book, good food, and the increasingly unusual set of ratings (especially Stan). Anyhow, if I were going to post to the blog to make Andrew feel it's worthwhile to keep it going, it would look something like this:

Clever insight, witty retort, sarcastic criticism of the voting, incomprehensible reference to Burning Man, compliment on someone's amazing summer vacation.

OK, back from a week of helping at Boy Scout camp with my son so understandably my intellect is feeling vacant right now.

Hey, Andrew, did I do good by posting?

andrew said...

You did good by posting. I, however, have done bad by going on vacation and ignoring you gentlemen. I'm looking forward to Tom's on 8/23 and really appreciate Doug's informal get-together on Saturday. Despite the presence of women and the absence of books, it was a fine night indeed.

Jeff said...

What a fun inventive Breakfast of Champions post, DDF. Vonnegut would have loved it. Way to capture the spirit of an author and his work.

Didn't you guys read a book written by a woman a month or so back? I never saw the post of that meeting. How'd it go? Would you read another femail author?

Check out www.greatapesbookgroup.blogspot.com for a couple new posts and comments.

Enjoy Treasure Island!

DDF said...

Jeff, I don't remember much of that meeting. And apparently Andrew didn't feel it was that important. ( He has been slacking on his duties.)