May 11, 2011


I have came to the conclusion that 4 martinis and codeine probably is not a good mixture when it comes to transferring your thoughts to words or for even having any thoughts.My apologies for my lame lack of words regarding my views towards the book, Chernobyl and my selections.
The few things that I do remember while in Danland are:
1 Google map sucks
2. I prefer the other vodka
3. John's wonderful attire
4. Russian food without meat
5. I remember dessert but I don't remember what it was but I do remember the dessert
martini. Thanks Garth!
6. Wondering when & where did Peter come from?
7. Larry, hit the nail on the head regarding the book,Chernobyl. But I can't remember what was
8. 2 people would like to read my uncles book and I want to say it's George & Larry?
9. We are reading Kurt's book Breakfast of Champions
10. And finally, if I show up at the party in 1 vehicle and go home in another vehicle(hammered)
does that make me a two bit drunkin old whore?

Breakfast of Champions @ 181 San Marino, June 28 (last Tues of the month)
Please advise which type of milk you prefer with your Wheaties.
I will provide all the fixins...bananas, blueberries or strawberries.



  1. For the record -- I still have no idea what you guys talked about, what you thought of the book,what we're reading next week (OK, maybe you emailed but it's not up here), and when for certain the next meeting is (end of June?). My radiation detector is missing, and i think my dog is pregnant. Can someone please help me understand what odd chain of events has transpired?

    Or, Andrew could post the usual information, Stan could pontificate, John could ignore, and we could be back to normal.

    Geez, Bocce rates above book reviews?

  2. For the record Mr. Terminator, the title of the book is at the bottom of my post, Kurt would be Vonnegut.
    And I still can remember much of that evening.

    Bocce rules!!!!!!

  3. OK, Dan, thanks for clarifying. I wasn't clear that you really meant the Vonnegut book. Given your obvious vodka and codeine induced stupor, I did assume that Vonnegut was the only author who came to mind and didn't actually believe you.

    Still have no idea what y'all thought about the book. I did by chance see a college friend last weekend, she lives in Yokohama, and has fled Japan to be in California until Fukushima sorts out. Apparently the news keeps getting worse -- detectable radiation farther and farther afield in crops -- but our news media has dropped the story as no longer interesting.

    My wife informs me that John did in fact pick up my radiation detector. Hope you all checked out OK after drinking all that vodka from Russia.

  4. Terminator,

    Sorry that I can't help with the conversation taken place that night. Once again, our fearless leader is slacking. It is good to see that some of us actually do participate in "Our Creator of the Universal MBC Blog"

    See you on Tues. June 28 @ 7pm