Mar 22, 2011

So, who among us picks the best titles?

Is it Stan?  In his recent comment, he seems to think so when he asserts that "I brought the best books to the club...."  So I figured it was time to collate our best and worst picks.  Check out the pages in the sidebar.  Our Top 5 and Worst 5 lists reveal two other guys who are disproportionately responsible for the best and the worst of what we've read the past four years.  Next time they propose titles, we should all listen closely.  Including Stan.


  1. Stan is lucky that I didn't attend his meeting!!!

  2. Yeah, you could have sabotaged Blindness with a 1! But then, you have too much integrity to game our ratings like that....

  3. robert Stanley urbanMarch 22, 2011

    OK mo-fos, this is the last time i "return fire" without a clear indication of the blogger's i.d. As you may recall the voting was rigged to bring "in Cold Blood" to the top of the list,in a deliberate and cold blooded conspiracy to dethrone our best book, "blindness". After this conscious and unconscienable "vote", all subsequent voting has been more than suspect. I therefore steadfastly refuse to vote again until we all sign a man book club pact to anonymously vote our true conscious conscience on the next 40 titles,
    Robert Stanley Urban

  4. Stan,
    Your "conscious conscience"...who among us is fully conscious of our conscience as we quaff inumerable libations? (No one.) A "cold blooded conspiracy" about voting...who is the undisputed king of trying to sway outcomes with outrageous votes? (Without seeing the standard deviation study I would guess that to be you.)
    "So who among us picks the best tiles?" Why such an outrageous affront to all good reading by using our simple and fully suspect rating system to classify books in such a manner? And please remember, the suggestor of titles does not in fact pick the book. This is a team effort, also capable of being skewed by those who like to keep their own books on top of the suspect rating system. For instance, "Unbroken" is a highly regarded book that was passed over after some curious shenanigans during the vote.

  5. Let's be clear: our rating system is not suspect. Certain manipulations of the rating system are. I'm happy to sign Stan's pact to vote our conscience, but maybe the better way to filter out bias is to do what we did at Glenn's house for Dark Star Safari--vote anonymously before the roundtable discussion.