Jan 19, 2008

The Men of Man Book Club

We've been getting together since last May, but there's a lot we still don't know about each other. Just how much, we'll soon find out. At the end of an upcoming meeting, I'll administer the following "quiz" and we'll see who's been listening and who's been drinking. The one with the most right answers gets an extra fine bottle of red that has been reclining in my cellar since Terry sold me the house.

Before the quiz, you may do all the homework you like, but no fair volunteering your own (or someone else's) data unless asked....

(Note: Everyone is featured; a few come up twice.)

  1. According to his wife, this man is worth only $49.95, because that’s all she paid an internet dating service to find him.
  2. He played NCAA Division I hockey.
  3. These two attended Harvard.
  4. These two have wives who attended Harvard.
  5. He attended Yale (with his wife).
  6. He was the 20th employee of Netscape.
  7. After trekking through the Himalayas, he worked all winter at a ski resort in Austria.
  8. These two are longtime “power” engineers. (For extra credit, name their companies.)
  9. One was, until recently, a nationally-ranked cyclist; the other is on a nationally-ranked rowing team (3rd place at the 2007 Head of the Charles).
  10. His products are sold around the world using the trade name Red Line.
  11. These two attended the oldest boarding school in the country. (For extra credit, name the school.)
  12. He completed the Paris-Brest-Paris race, at 1,200 km the oldest bike race in the world. (He is not the cyclist mentioned above.)
  13. At the 2007 Burning Man Festival in Nevada, these two men designed, built and operated a communal shower and water recycling facility.
  14. These two were once PTA presidents.

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