Dec 17, 2007

Tortilla Curtain has me reading and thinking

OK, I haven't yet finished this novel, but I'm captivated and anxious at the same time. The social (and economic) friction produced by our current immigration policies is painfully evoked in Tortilla Curtain. This 12-year old story could have been written about today's climate in Marin County.

As everyone and everything competes for our charity this time of year, I hope this book encourages our empathy for the guys shuffling around the street corners on Anderson Drive.

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  1. Perfect! I'll be teaching TC in about a month to HS seniors in IL; when I pass out the books I'm going to use your comment about even twelve years later these two narratives still exist and maybe are even more clearly defined(or disparate)today. Never having lived in CA, but knowing Boyle's work, I was sure he was onto to something. Your discussion around the real life tortilla curtain should bring it all together.