Dec 22, 2007

I mean, really, do we care?

We received the following message from a woman who discovered our website and evidently felt the need to share. Unlike the Great Apes, whose perspective is similar to ours, this woman’s group (I’ve removed the name) has nothing in common with MBC except a relaxed attitude towards the rules of grammar and a purported distaste for chick lit. There's much to mine from this email, but it’s the guilelessness of the message that I find most interesting….

"Very much enjoyed your interview with info about your group, also your website. We have a library sponsored mixed gender book club, also try to avoid chick lit, but try to keep books a bit shorter. Also we order copies from state libraries, so books have to have been popular enough for enough copies as we have about 35 members, we have two meeting dates and members can pick when they want to attend. As we meet at the library during library hours our beverages are unfortunately limited to coffee and soda, sounds like a bit of lubrication is good for discussion!"

In case other women book clubbers feel a similar urge to correspond with us, remember that we're men with short attention spans. Unless you're funny, we're not likely to respond...and we might even make fun of you!


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  2. Gentlemen, that was a fun evening. A couple of books that I mentioned follow.

    A great book about the history of Mexican Americans is "Mongrels, Bastards, Orphans and Vagabonds - Mexican Immigration and the Future of Race in America" by Gregory Rodriguez.

    "1491" by Charles Mann. A very readable (and enjoyable) description of the Western Hemisphere as it may have looked prior to European contact based on the most recent science. The author turns what we learned in school on it's head.