Nov 4, 2007

RSVP to Larry

Well gentle(book)men times grows nigh for our next meeting. Thanks to Andrew for reminding everyone and thanks to those of you who have already responded.

The menu is not set yet, but in keeping with our unofficial food/book themes, something to keep the bookmen army on the march -- maybe a stew, cornbread, and pie. To keep us from wavering from our task, I will have some libations, but of course your own contributions to this cause are always welcome. In keeping with our Civil War theme, I will have some sipp'in Whiskey for our discussion and one reb among us may be distilling his own white light'in. One libation NOT provided by the host will be C'gars (ok, so technically not a libation, but well what do you expect from a commercial banker). You are welcome to BYO, BUT house rules require that they be smoked outside -- (and to that, torches will available for anyone who wants to "scout" out the newly renovated but not yet open golf course out the back gate).

Again, for those laggards and malingerers among us, RSVP to "serve your book club". See you all Tuesday.


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