Oct 30, 2007

November 6 Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that we are meeting next Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 7:00 pm at Larry A's home. (Please vote BEFORE you head to Larry's, as he promises a hug to everyone with a ballot stub.)

As usual, bring your favorite liquid calories. Larry will provide supper, and no one should expect white tablecloths (that was a dig at Garth; Larry sets a fine table). Please rsvp to Larry by this weekend.

Our book, for those still in buying mode, is Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. This book is extremely readable (meaning it's not too late, gentlemen). For those who need a refresher, or who can't finish and want to cheat, there's a bio of Shaara and lengthy discussion of the book in this summary.

Dan D. will bring us 2-3 proposed selections for our next meeting and has kindly agreed to host in December. Since he's still new at this, be gentle.


  1. Are you insinuating that I have thin skin. I have dealt with news anchors & attorneys, some of the most demanding, egotistical, self-centered people on the planet(no offense Andrew). If I have to pull out my dictionary to understand y'all, (I still have a little bit of W. VA /OH in me) then I know I am being insulted. That being said, I have selected 3 books. They all have won an award. I don't think there is a criteria on the type of award. (No Fear, they aren't childrens books). You will not need a dictionary by your side and nobody dies. Who the hell wants to read a depressing book during the holidays?

    Your quiet friend (unless the Steelers/Buckeyes are playing),


    PS. My ballot has already been mailed.

  2. Nobody should expect white tablecloths at the Neil household any more. They're now a Jackson Pollock-esk spattering of ciopino red...