Nov 11, 2007

Extra Credit Reading

Hi Guys,

Following up on our last book, if anybody really liked the Civil War theme, I'd recommend that you read The March, by E.L. Doctorow, which gives the same treatment to Sherman's march on Atlanta that The Killer Angels gives to Gettysburg. The March won a great deal of major awards and is very well written. For anybody who wants to do some extra Thanksgiving-themed reading, I'd really recommend Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick. Its a great story of the Pilgrim's crossing and first 50 years in America. It also won a number of major awards. Its very readable. Finally, for anybody who wants to read something pretty funny, check out two new books: Not That you Asked by Steve Almond or The Braindead Microphone by George Saunders. Both are very funny, slightly polemical essays about things going on in politics and the authors' lives. They are two of the funnier books I've read in a while.



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  2. Excellent choices, Doug! You are a veritable trove of topical books. I may pick up the Philbrick book, as I was entranced by his shipwreck book a few years ago (Heart of the Sea?). As for the rest of your suggestions, well don't be surprised if I sidle up to you during the book exchange in December.

  3. In case of confusion, the title of Saunders' book is actually "The Braindead Megaphone." (I guess microphone wasn't a strong enough gadget for this guy.) It looks like a hilarious read.

  4. And another choice...Sea of Glory by Philbrick is an excellent read, and passes through the California Coast. A great book about a truly American odyssey.