Oct 10, 2007

Reminder October 16 Meeting

Just a reminder that we are meeting at Garth's home next Tuesday, October 16, at 7:00 pm. Garth will provide the comestibles; we will BYOB (or is that BOOB?).

Our book, The Sea by John Banville, is a fairly quick read, so if you haven't started you still have plenty of time. To give us some food for thought, I've emailed a short synopsis and a few "reading guide" questions.

Larry has offered to bring us a couple of book proposals for our next read. He promises they'll fit our expanded selection criteria. If there's a groundswell for non-fiction, then this is the time to reply so Larry gets the idea. Given the breadth of his reading (uncommon for a commercial banker, I'm told), he's capable of surprising us if we don't make our desires known.

Finally, I'm incredibly saddened by the news of Jim Bronstein's death. If you are/were a Davidson or SR soccer family, then you were connected to him and his family. Maybe, just maybe, some of the books we read as part of MBC will give us more insight and sensitivity to those who are suffering in our midst.

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