Jan 15, 2017

Ski Weekend Pictorial

After years of too little rain and snow, we had almost too much of both during our January ski weekend.  Our arrival at Serene Lakes on Thursday afternoon was greeted with blue skies and snow covered roads.  The weather later turned stormy, but that didn't bother us.

After a day of skiing Sugar Bowl, shoveling the back deck (thanks, Tom!), or lazing around (thanks, Peter!), we sat down to enjoy Tom's world-famous mountain lasagna.

The following day some skied Mt. Rose in the rain while the sensible ones stayed indoors.  We met up later at George's beautiful new home in Montreux.  The living room was picture perfect....

...but the blue tape on the dining room floor highlighted that everything else was not quite perfect.  The headaches of new construction gave us plenty to commiserate over as we enjoyed Stephenie's excellent white lasagna.

As for A Nation of Sheep, we let George try to convince us that Lederer's 1961 screed is as relevant today as it was leading up to the Vietnam War.  When he was finished, we turned back to Stephenie, her lasagna, her conversation, and the excellent Bandol she poured.  Thank you, George, for letting us visit and spend time with your infinitely more interesting wife. I'm sorry, George, that wasn't fair.  I should have also acknowledged the pleasure we took in the company of your well-behaved dogs...!


  1. Sorry, I was not there and did not read the book, therefore I don't have a comment. On second thought, apparently I do. Does this count Andrew?

  2. Nothing you do counts, Dan. Is that the answer you were looking for?

  3. Those of us who weren't so "sensible" had a great day of skiing at Mt. Rose while the chickens roosted inside. Yeah we froze our butts off in the wind and snow but we were warmed to the core by George and Stephanie's hospitality.

  4. Studley StanleyApril 04, 2017

    I missed the ski week-end due to my other ski obligations. I hear, however, and admit that this is strictly hearsay, that George did not lift a finger to host the dinner at his fabulous new pad. Is it really true that Stephanie catered and cleaned up for all you bums single-handedly? This is not a good precedent.

  5. Stephenie (the cooking and cleaning goddess)April 04, 2017

    It's twu, it's twu, George has it made in Reno"

  6. George (the life of Reilly) MannApril 04, 2017

    I lifted a finger as Dean kept demanding that I bring out more Bandol. Too bad you missed it Stan... By the way, I am the one who opens and tests all of the wine, so I do contribute.
    PS: I will,say again, read "A Nation of Sheep".

  7. Ok, let's be honest. While John, Mark, and Dean were foolhardy by skiing Mt Rose in heavy precip, George was simply notching another use on his season pass and indulging the numb nuts (literally!) who paid full price for the experience.

    As for who was acting as our host and who was just pouring the wine, George gets partial credit for his candor. Stan, thanks for the astute observation. In light of her outstanding hospitality, I've now put Stephenie on our MBC email list so she can attend our dinners and occasionally bring George as her guest. Baa! Baa!