Sep 26, 2007

Conan disses MBC

This one strikes kinda close to home - from Conan O'Brien


Sep 13, 2007

Brownie Did A Heckuva Job!

The Evening's Acknowledgments:

We MUST give credit to Chris. He steered us off course with McManus' tawdry bit of murder/poker reportage. But, when all seemed hopeless for the MBC purists, Chris achieved redemption through food. On its way to my small colon, a certain filet mignon (paired with baked potato and grilled asparagus) made its delicious presence felt. (And that's all I'm saying about my colon for now.) Chris, thank you for an entree rare and rarely done. The food was exceeded only by your exceptional hospitality. You forced your children to leave home and you graciously attended to the tardy John T, when you could have taken our money with that greasy pack of cards hidden in your shirt pocket.

As for our conversation, it ran the gamut but its attention to Positively Fifth Street was mercifully short. I agree wholeheartedly with Peter that Mr. McManus was too narcissistic and self-indulgent to be enjoyed fully. However, there was clearly enough enjoyment to be had, as virtually everyone read this book. (Gentlemen, do you also watch reality TV in your spare time?) Thanks to Roy and Garth for their outside research into the subsequent fate of Sandy and Rick. The added detail was better than reading US Weekly.

Our descent into local politics was also brief, with a consensus that Carol Migden must first put a stop to our proliferating residential rehab units before she earns the right to buy our vote. But we'll support Chris and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation without hesitation.

New Book Selection Criteria:

Before and after our round of Liars Dice (Stan, do you want the game explained one more time??), we agreed to broaden our book selection criteria. We also agreed that one guy will preselect and propose 2 or 3 books for our selection at each meeting. Here are the selection criteria:
1. Under 500 pages
2. No chick lit
3. Book has won or been shortlisted for a major literary award, or was written by an author who has won a major award.
4. No restriction on date of publication.
5. Fiction or non-fiction.

Next Book and Meeting:

Garth has kindly agreed to host our next meeting on Tuesday, October 16 at 7:00 pm. To assist our decisionmaking, Garth spontaneously recommended Independence Day by Richard Ford and The Sea by John Banville. The group selected The Sea, which was the Booker Prize winner for 2005 and runs only 264 pages in my paperback edition.

See you in October.

Sep 5, 2007

Reminder September 11 Meeting

Just a reminder that we meet next Tuesday, Sept 11, at Chris' house. Our book is Positively Fifth Street by James McManus. Let us all remember, as we work our way thru Mr. McManus' insufferable, er, innumerable insights into the world of poker/murder/poker/murder (gosh, which theme is more exciting?), that we eagerly accepted Chris' book recommendation in reaction to the tedium of Oscar & Lucinda. So, no buyer's remorse.

Here are some discussion points for Sept 11:

1. Henceforth, should we abandon our book selection criteria in favor of a book list founded on "True Crime All the Time"?
2. Just how much did our poker skills improve upon reading this book (and, for extra credit, is this why we joined a book club?)
3. For those who were made miserable by having to read this it because of the book choice or the fact that they CAN'T play poker?

With these and other weighty issues up for discussion, I can't wait to return from Cleveland and see you fine men!